Friday, September 03, 2010

Mission Viejo Plumber

I believe I have posted blogs about this in the past.... But nevertheless "Here it goes".

As I "man the phones" here in the office it amazes me how many people call in looking for prices and are willing to compare our rates to a competitor as far away as Corona!

My question is "Why would you hire a plumber to work on your Mission Viejo home when he is 50 miles away?"
Now I understand that our office is not exactly in Mission Viejo .... but come on!!!!!
We have Technicians that live in Mission Viejo, Lake Forest, Buena Park, Orange and other surrounding cities - we truely access and serve Orange County with some of the best plumbing service around!!

Here's an example of what I am talking about.

Last month I had a new client call in and request a quote for a water softener system for his Ladera Ranch home. As I arrived for our afternoon appointment I was greeted by the Owner and he was in "panic mode". Ironicaly, a leak was coming from the upstairs Master bathroom just as I arrived and our attention quickly went from the quote to the leak.

I was quickly able to diagnose what I thought the source of the leak was and guess what? Turns out he had contracted a plumber from Chino Hills to come out and install some new toilets for him AFTER the new tile was put down .... approx 9 months ago. Wel'p they did not extent the closet flange up to the new tile height and tried to just "stack gaskets" to make up the gap. Needless to say this is not a code compliant method of installation but rather a way to "cheat".

I suggested to the client he should try and call the company he originally hired to come out and warranty any installations. He did and guess what? "Sorry sir ..... it is late in the afternoon and our Tech's live in Chino .... we can't get there for a day or two!"

Although that did not surprise me and this was a painful lesson for this Owner. He did admit that "the price was great and they did great work ..... but now I guess I got what I paid for ...... lowsy service and follow through"

Now don't think for one second we did not help this guy out ...... of course we did. With one push o f button, one of our Technicians was onsite in 30 minutes! That's because we live and work in the areas we service!

To any and all people reading this blog, please consider situations like this when making decisons to hire companies outside of your (or their) area!

Talk to ya soon!