Thursday, September 15, 2011

100 Friends/Followers and GIVEAWAY!

Hi Friends,

Wow! I am so so very happy today for having above hundred friends who follow my blog. I am so excited and feeling very thankful to all of you for being a big part of my space and my recipes. Who does not like to have friends who can appreciate your work and encourage you in all you do.
So I thought of announcing this giveaway as a token of appreciation to one of the friends/followers or the new friends/followers.
I thought of this giveaway...because I wanted to do it way before ...but I kept myself so much involved in my blogging that I first forgot to do this on my first year completion, then I forgot to do it when I reached 100 I didn't want to miss this too!

The rules are very easy and simple and nothing to do with linking recipes....

For this GIVEAWAY....I am going to give ONE COOK BOOK for the WINNER at the end.
This book with more than 150 recipes to sustain and heal the body with featuring multiethnic recipes that maximize the healing power in foods that are easy to prepare and using wholesome natural ingredients.

So lets go to the Rules:
1. Follow me publicly in the blog.
2. Follow me publicly in my other two Blog's "Anu's Cakes N Bakes" and "Anu's Painting and Crafts".
3. Like me and share my space with your friends in Facebook.
4. Subscribe to my posts.
5. Use of LOGO is MANDATORY as it will help to spread the word.
6. Please leave a comment after following, liking and subscribing in my space, else there are chances that I may miss the participants.
7. When you leave a comment you have to say how you think that you are eligible for this giveaway.
8. This Event will be starting from September 15th 2011 to December 15th 2011.

You can link to all the rules, which will increase your chances of winning this book.
If you want to post an announcement in your blog about this GIVEAWAY, please leave a comment or email me at anu (DOT) healthykitchen (AT) gmail (DOT) com.

So why wait's just a matter of pressing buttons and a little scribble in my comments......

All the best to all of you!