Friday, September 09, 2011

Green Home Improvement Tax Credits for 2011 & Estimated Energy Savings

See How Much Our "Green" Building Products Save Homeowners in South Carolina & Nationwide Averages

"Green" Building Product Avg./Year Savings^ ROI Payback Est. (yrs.)* 2011 Tax Credit/Incentive** Energy Star Rated
Spray Foam Insulation 33% or more 3-5 yrs. avg. $500 Tax Incentive Yes
Wall Foam Insulation up to 33%* 305 $500 Tax Incentive Yes
Crawl Space Encapsulation up to 25% 4-6 years if done alone $500 Tax Incentive Yes
Solar Energy Powered Hot Water Heaters 90% a year 2-3 years $300 on Unit Purchase Yes
Solar Panels varies, 90% normal on powered devices 10-20 years varies Yes
Energy Monitoring Devices 4-10% Avg. less than 1 year none Yes
Standing Seam Metal Roofing 10-20% avg. 10-20 years varies Yes

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