Thursday, September 08, 2011

Chocolate Cup Strawberry Dessert - 5 mins Wonder with 3 Ingredients - Party Pleasure

I saw these cute chocolate cups with different shapes in fresh market store and grabbed it at once. I kept in my fridge to think of a dessert which would be easy and kids favorite, but for almost 2 weeks I was busy and could not make one.

But today I had time and Anush was so excited when I told him about this dessert and he agreed to help me and wait until I finish with my clicks. I know poor guy....had to control himself until I took the pics....and he ate all of these....I had to beg one for me and one for Shoj, but he gave it finally. :) It was fun making this and eating too!! Very nice elegant dessert which can be done in minutes and can be served easily for a crowd or in a party.

Hope you all will like it too! :)

Chocolate Cups (I used square, round and oval shape)
Cool Whip
Fresh Strawberries (stem removed and washed)


1. Arrange the chocolate cups in a serving platter, add a dollop of the cool whip and place a strawberry or any other berry or fruit you want to use. You can also use food color to make colored whipped cream.

(Note: This is a very simple dessert, you can use any filling or topping as per your imagination and creativity.)

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