Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Chickpeas Sundal

Finally I did it. Yes, I posted a recipe which is related to festival and at correct time(?!). Earlier, I mostly busy in kitchen or forget to take photos or everything will get over by the time I come for taking photos. But this time, I planned it well and prepared chickpeas sundal for Navarathiri. This navarathiri festival recipe can also be eaten as evening snacks with a cup of tea/coffee.

Basic Information:
Preparation Time: 8 hours
Cooking Time: 20 minutes
Serves: 2


Chickpeas - 1 cup

Grated fresh coconut/ Frozen coconut/ Dessicated Coconut - 1/4 cup

Dry Red Chilli - 4 nos

Curry leaves - 1 string

Mustard and Urid dal - 1 teaspoon

Oil - 2 teaspoons

Salt - to taste


1) Soak chickpeas overnight or 8 hours.

2) Pressure cook it for 3 whistles. (increase/decrease depending upon your pressure cooker type). When the steam from pressure cooker about to release, open the lid, add salt and cover it again for another few minutes. Then, drain the excess water and keep aside.

3) In a pan, heat oil. When it is hot, add mustard seeds, urid dal, dry red chilli and curry leaves.

4) When urid dal starts to turn golden brown and aroma of red chilli and curry leaves spread in the kitchen, add chickpeas(as said in step 2).

5) Toss it for a minute and add grated coconut. Toss again to mix well.

6) Continue mixing for another 2 minutes in low flame.

7) Serve hot or warm.

Sending this recipe to Simply Food's Flavors of South India.