Tuesday, May 31, 2011

24-Hour Laguna Hills Plumbing Service "Fixes" Fees -- Finally A Flat Fair Cost!

The staff at Splash Plumbing has spent a good  deal of time trying to understand the hourly rates of other Laguna Hills plumbers. We believe that unclogging a customer's drain at 3am on a Saturday night should cost about the same price as it would at 3pm on a Monday.  Does some inexplicable force make the drain harder to fix at 3am?  We think not!  
The Splash Plumbing Approach to Pricing - No Surprises
When a plumber tacks on extra fees for parts that you believed to be included or that you couldn't point out if you had to, you end up paying more than you expected and you feel taken advantage of.  
When an hourly rate Laguna Hills plumber charges outlandish overtime fees because he didn't arrive at the restaurant you operate until past six (just about the time the dinner service gets busy), even though you requested service in the morning- you end up paying more than you expected, your customers were inconvenienced, and you feel cheated.  
When your mother-in-law tells you that, "The nice man from XYZ plumbing company said that I could really use another kitchen sink installedy...."  She ends up paying more than you expected, and you don't have the heart to tell her she's been "had".   
As a leading Laguna Hills plumbing company, Splash Plumbing sympathizes with the customer in an  emergency plumbing interruption. We dispatch our experts efficiently and we are able to offer affordable and predictable pricing, since price by the job, not by the hour.    

In the event that an unforeseen cost arises, our technicians will ask the home or business owner if he/she would like to proceed, we don't wait until its time to settle up....

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