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Solar Energy Powered Hot Water Heaters


I know this is a spray foam insulation blog, but with the popularity of the blog growing, we've decided to add a little more about some of the other Energy Saving products, that really work to lower your energy bills.  Our company is located in Myrtle Beach, SC, and we can only do services in North and South Carolina; however information on Energy Saving Products and Green Building Products & Alternatives.  Most information you get is from retail chain home improvement stores, advertising their products and services, so they will have no information on a Solar Powered Hot Water Heater if there only selling electric & gas hot water heaters.  The way we find the best energy saving products is at trade shows and conventions, getting all the best technological advances, and information on, Green Building Products, & product reviews.  We will get links for some of these manufacturer's posted on our website soon at

So lets get into why Solar Powered Hot Water Heaters is a fast growing trend among homeowners, for more affordable energy saving home improvements, then say spray foam insulation.  The main reason is your hot water heater is one of your biggest consuming energy appliances in your home.  It can rank #2 to HVAC systems in homes with large families, and with increasing cost in natural gas & propane, even energy efficient gas powered hot water heaters are getting more expensive to operate.  If your reading this blog, you already know the cost for electricity is rising, so even with more efficient electric hot water heater, your still going to see the cost for this appliance to go up as well.  The only other alternative you have to save money on this energy consuming appliance in your home is to go solar powered.  

Solar Energy Powered Hot Water Heaters do cost slightly more to install, but energy saving and lower utility bills offset this cost in a short period of time, with payback from savings on utility bills.  Other than the main power source for heating the water, solar powered hot water heaters operate in a similar fashion as other hot water heaters, producing water at similar temperatures to that of gas & electric powered hot water heaters.  The main difference you will notice is your utility bill being reduced the next month after having a solar powered hot water heater installed into your home or business.  Installation of a Solar Energy Powered Hot Water Heater only takes a few hours, and a lot less intrusive installation method, then say a standing seam metal roof which can take weeks to complete in some instances.  If ease of installation versus other energy saving home improvements that reduce utility bills, Solar Powered Hot Water Heaters is at the top of the list.

The first question most of our customers have is: What if its a Cloudy Dady?  No problem, solar energy panels work almost like a battery for instance without going into detail, and vary in energy storing capabilities depending on models, brands, etc.  If your worried about a whole week, and live in snowy weather, solar energy hot water heaters are wired to  your electrical system, and have computer generated microchip sensors that tell it when it needs to convert to using electricity from your energy provider.  We get a lot of sunshine in South Carolina, and not much snow, so most of our customers see up to 90% savings on there hot water energy consumption.  Average savings per year for most, run $300-$500.  There is plenty of products out there that have product information on these products, and we get most of our thru a variety of dealers, depending on regions & sales territories.  We also choose to offer our clients a variety of options when it comes to picking a Solar Powered Hot Water Heater in South Carolina, there are many different needs & thriving new competition to big name competitors.  We have more residential clients then we have commercial clients, however Myrtle Beach SC, where our home office is located, is a popular tourist destination, and we have installed solar units into some of these hotels and resorts, with hotel owners seeing a dramatic reduction in hot water heating bills.  There's a lot of hot water heaters in a hotel!!  So lets not leave out small business owners looking to reduce utility bills as well.

My product review on solar powered hot water heater is top ratings for energy saving home improvements, you can't go wrong with this utility lowering green building product.  Solar Powered Alternatives for heating water is a growing industry, so even if your not in South Carolina or North Carolina, it should be very easy to find a contractor with the knowledge and capabilities to install a solar powered hot water heating unit or system.  With the government offereing a $300 tax credit for purchasing and having a unit installed in 2011, u see instant payback saving on having a Solar Hot Water heater installed.  Before we conclude this blog post for Solar Powered Hot Water Heaters, lets give a brief recap of the advantages and benefits of having a Solar Powered Hot Water Heater System installed in your home or business.

Advantages of Solar Powered Hot Water Heaters

  • Energy Savings in the range of $320/year lower utility bills. (National Avg.)
  • $300 federal tax credit in 2011.
  • 10 Year Savings Average of over $3,000 for most families.
  • Enviromentally Friendly.
  • Going Green to Save the Planet.

We hope this has given you enough information on solar powered hot water heaters to be interested in purchasing one for your home or office, so call your local dealers today.  If you are reading this informational blog on spray foam insulation and other energy saving home improvements that reduce utility bills; and located in North Carolina or South Carolina, give us a call today at 706-951-0158, ask for Dan.  We can help you with all your green building product needs, and help lower your utility bills.  Learn more about our services below.  Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for my next blog on Standing Seam Metal Roofing and Why Its a Energy Star Product.


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