Thursday, May 19, 2011

Energy Monitoring Systems & How They Help to Lower Power Bills

Energy Monitoring Systems & How They Help to Lower Power Bills

Let's first start off with describing what a Home Energy Monitoring System is, and how it is installed in your home to help you reduce energy consumption, thus lowering power bills. There are a variety of different manufacturer's and models of Home Energy Management Systems, and they vary in options, but they all perform the same function, and that's Energy Management.  Most all your home energy management systems will have a measuring tranmitting unit, which is the piece that attaches to your circuit board; then a gateway system of some sort, to send the wireless signal to your home computer.  It's pretty simple, but we recommend having a professional install anything to a breaker box, plus configuring the IP and Gateway is tricky for the inexperienced. Once they monitoring device is installed to the board, software is installed on your computer to get the readings off the device in the breaker box, with up to the minute stats of how much power you are using in your home, at every outlet in your home.  This enables the homeowner to see if old appliances are consuming too much energy, indicating bad appliances; or if the little red light on the DVD player is consuming a lot more energy then you thought.  Either way, it allows homeowners to identify unneeded electricity consumption.  Here are some of the benefits homeowners have seen from installing an energy monitoring device into their homes.

  • See Where Power is Used and Wasted - monitor outlets, appliances, electronics
  • Monitor Appliances Performance and Health - Indicates poor performing appliances
  • Keep Your Family Safe - Mobile User Interface can tell if an appliance was left on or not.
  • Lower your Utility Bills by up to 25% - lowers utilities by eliminating wasted power usage
  • Use the Monitoring System on Your Terms - Cut the system on or off whenever you please.

Energy Management Systems are one of the most affordable "Green" Building Products for homeowners on the market today.  If your looking for control over your power usage, you need a energy management system from Retro Solutions Construction Company.  Get a Free Estimate in South Carolina on installation of a Energy Monitoring System here:

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We hope this blog has been informative and that  homeowners across the country will take advantage of this simple Energy Saving Home Improvement, that not only saves on utility bills, but better for the enviroment.  Stay tuned for more post to our blog on Energy Saving Home Improvements, and thanks for reading. 

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