Thursday, May 19, 2011

Historic Home Renovations with Spray Foam Insulation Reduce Utilities by Half

Spray Foam Insulation with Historic Home Renovations

First off, Historic Homeowners I have the utmost respect for your interest in either Spray Foam Insulation, Wall Foam Insulation, Crawl Space Encapsulations, Solar Energy, "Green" Roofing, or any other Energy Saving Home Improvement. We know the kind of power bills, historic homeowners, can see in the Cold of Winter and the Heat of Summer.  For most customers in our service area its the heat, and the air conditioning running all the time, in their beautiful Southern Historic Homes. We feel your pain on an almost daily basis, with most of our Foam Insulation Service Customer Base being historic homeowners, excluding commercial spray foam applications.  Well this blog is here to let you know there is help for your power bill in a Historic Home.  As a fan of construction, history, architecture, and floor plans of historic homes, however we also know that most in the South Carolina, and North Carolina areas are big and open, with little or no insulation left in the walls at all. Most of our Historic Home Renovation Customers are also in homes with steep pitched roofs, and lots of attic space; which is great for storage, but killer on your utility bills. In the peak of summer's heat when we walk into many Historic Home Attics, its like walking into a sauna, and sometimes over 140 degrees in the attic space.  This heat packed in your attic is keeping your A/C running all the time, because the heat in coming into the house, even with traditional fiberglass insulation.  Another thing we often notice in Historic Home Renovations we do, is they have big crawl spaces, basements, and lots of moisture.  This is condensation from the hot air under your home rising to meet the cool air falling inside the home, creating condensation. For Energy Saving Home Improvement contractors, this is an obvious sign of energy loss wherever we have mixing temperatures of over 20 degrees or more.  If your a historic home owner reading this, and all of what I have said is true of your home, then please read further.

The reason why we wanted to write a blog to the Historic Homeowner, is to let them know that owning a Historic Home, can be a lot cheaper with Spray Foam Insulation.  Another reason we wanted to specifically target the Historic Homeowner, is that most buy Historic Homes with the ideas of renovating that Historic Home.  The advantages that Spray Foam Insulation, Wall Foam Insulation, and Crawl Space Encapsulation, is that with the  Large attic spaces and Big Basements, installation is usually fast and easy, and Energy Savings and benefits are being realized within 24 hours. The first thing customers notice after installation of Spray Foam Insulation is that the temperature in the home is a more comfortable level, and that their HVAC systems are running almost  half of the time they were before installation.  Then the next thing they notice is the power bill being cut almost nearly in half after having our foam insulation systems put in their homes.

Why Should Homeowners Choose Spray Foam Insulation over Traditions Fiberglass?

  1. The Main Reason - is the Higher Energy & Utility Savings Foam Insulation Systems provide over traditional fiberglass insulation
  2. Retrofitted Installation - All of our foam insulation systems can be retrofitted into historic homes, with little or no changes made to the Structural Elements of the home. Sure you can install fiberglass in your Attic space or crawl space for a little less, but What about the walls? Wall Foam Insulation is the only insulation system on the market that can be retrofitted into walls without damage to siding or drywall/plaster. Traditional Fiberglass Insulation isn't going to take care of the moisture in the crawl space basement area either. Foam Insulation are the top retrofitted insulation systems on the market.
  3. Going "Green" - Spray Foam Insulation, Wall Foam Insulation, & Crawl Space Encapsulation are all "Green" building products, and friendly to the environment.
  4. "Energy Star" Rated - Retrofitted Wall Foam Insulation Systems & Spray Foam Insulation are Energy Star Rated Products, meaning overall improved efficiency of your Historic Home.
  5. Tax Credits - The government is offering up to $500 tax credit on Foam Insulation Systems & other "Energy Star" Rated Products & "Green" Building Products.
  6. Improved Overall Comfort Levels of Living Space - Spray Foam Insulation offers a unique "building envelop" system that can not be created with fiberglass insulation, balancing temperatures better inside the home.
  7. Add Real Estate Value - Insulation is a growing concern of potential home buyers & offering potential home buyers energy savings, it improves the overall saleability of your  home. We know Historic Home Renovation Hobbyist, who are just addicted to renovating Historic Homes, and have seen higher turnover ratio's on homes with Spray Foam Insulation vs. homes with Traditional Fiberglass Insulation.
  8. Lifetime Product - All Foam Insulation Systems are lifetime products, with so little R-Value reduction, that after 50 years Spray Foam still doubles new traditional fiberglass insulation in energy savings.  Never deal with the sag of fiberglass, and re-installation cost of fiberglass; its one and done with foam insulation.
  9. Product that Pays You Back - Payback in Historic Homes on Spray Foam Insulation vary from 3-5 years, so in 5 years or less, foam insulation is paying you back in utility savings, taking you into the next historic home renovation project you intend on accomplishing.

If you want more information on any of the products we have described in this blog, please read thru our other blog post for more detailed information.  If you are in the North Carolina or South Carolina area, and interested in adding Spray Foam Insulation, Wall Foam Insulation, or Crawl Space Encapsulation Service to your next Historic Home Renovation list, then give us a call today at 706-951-0158 for a free consultation.  We have a portfolio of historic homes which we have installed spray foam insulation, and if you need references, many of our customers have sold our potential customers on spray foam insulation for us their so pleased with the overall experience and expertise of Retro-Solutions Construction.  Make sure to check out our website for more contact information and other Historic Home Renovation services we offer. Stay tuned to our blog for more information on Energy Saving Home Improvements for the Historic Homeowner.

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